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Every Opportunity.

Simple and Effective

Our platform uses the latest UX design principles in order to ensure ease of use. Our customers can expect to have a platform so easy to use, that everything just makes sense.


Stop browsing through hundreds of different sites in order to scout out the right opportunities that match your company.  With our solution, one search yields all the results that match your specific needs.

Thousands of sources

We actively monitor thousands of sources in order to deliver the best possible list of opportunities that has been curated to match your needs. Active user feedback ensures that out of date opportunities are weeded out.

Detailed View

See all the important information about each opportunity you find.

Contact Finder

Find information for each relevant contact.


Easily browse through transactions previously made for specific (or similar) opportunities.

Save & Manage

Keep a close track of the opportunities that are relevant to your company. Add notes, and track the status.

Constantly Updated

Our databases are updated daily, ensuring that all the information is relevant.


All information and communications on our platform are encrypted.

Daily Email

Subscribe to daily alerts for relevant opportunities.

Cancel Anytime

Unsubscribe Anytime. No questions Asked.

What are you waiting for?

Start winning government contracts today.

Give your business a competitive edge. Our software levels the playing field by offering your company an affordable and easy way to find and share government contracts within your organization. It also helps you fine-tune your results, and get email alerts about newly added opportunities. Take it for a spin today!